Tuesday 16 July 2019

Starting Over in Southwestern Ontario! A Fitness Update!

Starting Over in Southwestern Ontario 
With a Little Help from Team Body Project! 
A Fitness Update!

I Joined Team Body Project in 2016. But have never really used it, other than the community forums. That all changes three weeks ago. This is a piece I wrote for the forums there and then modified for the private FB group:


I have been a member since 2016. And on June 23rd of 2019 I did my first workout. In both High School and University, I worked off and on as a personal trainer. I helped athletes go on to play college basketball and college football. As I aged my own athletics, 14 years of Hockey, and 8 years of Rugby took their toll. Combined with sports injuries and a torn rotator cuff in a work accident and I have a pretty beat up body. (Nearly 100 fractures, and over 100 stitches) Three times since I turned 24 I have lost 30+ lbs.  and right now, I am within 10 lbs of my highest recorded weight.

I have three children ages 13, 11, and 8. I need to get healthy for them and to be here for them. Just 6 years ago I was teaching 7-10 hours of yoga a week. For personal and religious reasons, I gave up Yoga.  And since then my weight has slowly creeped up. And now I am almost 50lbs heavier than then. I currently do family Karate with the kids but have had a number of injuries over the last few year, planters fasciitis, separated shoulder, and just recently a sprained knee.

I know that losing some weight will help with all the above. I walk 40 minutes a day as part of my commute to work. But need more. Especially since I will be 50 next year. I am here for my health and to be here longer and healthier for my kids.

Today I did real start just move. I have to modify the squats but made it through the workout. I plan on doing this until my knee is better then finishing the real start. I am starting over again, and am thankful for the community here.

I joined TBP to support my Aunt who was doing it. And now she is my inspiration.

I will never be an elite athlete again, but I can get in much better shape than I am now. And June 23rd was the start, every day since then I have hit play and done Real Start Just Move. If I do it in the afternoon or evening one or more of my children have joined me. But because of my work schedule this past week I got up at 4 once and 430 twice to do the workout before heading into work.


Since first writing this I have done the Read Start Just Move workout every day for 16 days a few days added a stretch or mobilization workout after. And for the last week and a half have been doing the Real Start Program. You can see Real Start Just Move here, and you can create a free account on the Team Body Project site and have access to the first week of that program and many other videos. Both Alex and Daniel are great to workout with, and both are very responsive in the community forums and private Facebook Group. And working out through the TBP site and apps are both great experiences.

I am starting over again; it has taken years to gain the weight and it will not come off overnight. But I can work on making good small decisions each day, both in what I eat and choose not to eat. And I can press play every day with TBP.

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