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Running Blind - Lee Child - Jack Reacher Book 4 - AKA The Visitor

Running Blind
Jack Reacher Book 4
Lee Child
Penguin Random House Canada
ISBN 9780425264409
eISBN 9781440634789

In the UK published as:
The Visitor
Bantam Books
ISBN 9780857500076
eISBN 9781407070421

About four months ago I read my first Reacher novel. Since then I have read 21works by Lee Child, This is the 14th novel, Jack Reacher's Rules, the No Middle Name, short stories collection and all of the other crossover and standalone short stories I could find. There are two things unique about this book. First, it is the only time that I wish I had read the books in order. This story continues some time after Tripwire, but follows it very closely. I have been jumping all over in publication order and chronological order. But I would have loved to have read this right after Tripwire. And second for some reason this book has a different title in the European market The Visitor and the rest of the world it seems to be published as Running Blind. After reading 21 works in the Reacher universe I was surprised by how much surprised me in this volume. 

I loved the beginning of this book. Reacher sitting in a restaurant he has been in a few times. It is a new spot, and the food is good, even if the portions are a little small for Reacher’s liking. The Quality makes up for the quantity. While there he see’s the squeeze put on the owner. Reacher knows he cannot right all the wrongs in the world, but this is something small he can do, and so he decides to prevent a wrong. That decision is the beginning of a long journey, back and forth across the continent, and up and down the north east corridor. For after this event, as Reacher arrives home, yes, he has a home in this story, he is arrested and taken to the New York FBI office. He is left in a room and after numerous people check in on him, he is called to a meeting. The head of the New York office of the FBI is at the center of the table. The racketeering crime team on one, and the behavioral team from Quantico on the other. And Everyone wants Reacher for something. And they are not above blackmail and threats to get what they want. 

Reacher ends up working with the egg heads to solve the prefect crime. Actually, a series of crimes. Women being murdered across the country. No evidence. No injuries. Not a single piece of evidence except the dead women and the same situation.  

But something feels off. Reacher knows something is wrong with the case, and how they are pursuing it. But he is having a hard time figuring out the missing pieces. There is an odd feel where he is under lock and key or accompanied wherever he goes. Or whatever he does. And at first all his suggestions and ideas are balked at. But as in any crime, you must figure out the primary motives. And Reacher is very very good at figuring that out.

There are several names on a list. Some are already dead; some Reacher believes are in imminent danger. Can he solve the case? Or will the impediments they have put in his way prevent him? To find out you will need to read this great story in the Reacher series.

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