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Companion to Saint Joseph - J.B. Midgley - CTS Companions Series

Companion to Saint Joseph: 
Father, Worker and Guardian of our Redeemer
CTS Companions Series
J.B. Midgley
Catholic Truth Society
ISBN 9781860821721
eISBN 9781784694364
CTS Booklet DO686

This is the second book by J.B.Midgley that I have read, and it will not be the last. I have greatly enjoyed both books by him that I have read to date. In just over a year I have read 70 books and booklets from the Catholic Truth Society. There has not been a bad book in the lot. And As much as I enjoyed this book by Midgley and look forward to reading others by him, I also look forward to pursuing other books in the CTS Companions Series.

After I became a father, and as my children grow. My fascination, appreciation and devotion to Saint Joseph has continually grown. In the last few months I have come across this book on Saint Joseph and eagerly await the Consecration to St. Joseph by Fr. Don Calloway that is due out later this year, this book was an excellent little volume to hold me over. This volume was originally published in 2002, and the eBook edition was released in 2017. The book was written in part to a Jubilee Year Midgley states in the introduction:

“In his Apostolic Letter ‘At the Beginning of the New Millennium’, January 2001, Pope John Paul hoped that the Great Jubilee’s legacy for the world would be an increase in holiness. At the same time, the World of Work Committee of the Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales published ‘A Spirituality of Work’, calling attention to the ‘Gospel of Work’ which teaches that life is not compartmentalised, and that the necessity of work is a means to the holiness for which every man and woman is created. Thoughts turn naturally to Saint Joseph, their universal patron.”

And further on:

“Today, he remains the exemplar of persevering honesty, the incomparable pattern for fathers of families, and now cares for all God’s children as they undertake their responsibilities in the world. The foster-father from whom the Carpenter of Nazareth Himself was happy to learn, is now supremely placed to support all who work for justice, peace, and well-being, within and between families and nations, for the glory of God and their own sanctification.”

The chapters in this volume are:
Devotion to Saint Joseph
Preparations for the Incarnation
Annunciation and Visitation
The Nativity
After the Nativity
The Finding in the Temple
The Hidden Life
Joseph’s Legacy
The Liturgy of Saint Joseph
The Feasts

In the section on the history of the devotion he starts with some of the history, he says:

“The nineteenth century witnessed a universal growth in devotion to Saint Joseph, especially on the part of workers who were often exploited and impoverished. In 1847, Pope Pius IX, in an early act of his pontificate, extended to the universal Church the Feast of ‘The Patronage of Saint Joseph’ to be celebrated on the third Wednesday after Easter. In 1861, he approved the establishment, in Beauvais, of the Archconfraternity of Saint Joseph which welcomed the affiliation of Associates throughout France. Its aims were to extend devotion to Saint Joseph, ask his protection for the Holy Father, the Church, the well-being of Christian family life, and his intercession for the grace of a holy death.”

I loved reading about some of the areas where Saint Joseph is the patron saint. He is the principal Patron Saint of Canada, not noted in the book. There are some great prayers to Saint Joseph, and a wonderful litany. The final section on the feats has the history of that feast, and then a reflection.  

Overall this book was a wonderful read. It leaves readers wanting to go deeper in their knowledge and devotion to Saint Joseph. A great introduction to devotion to Saint Joseph, and another book from the Catholic Truth Society that I am blessed to have read. And now I am left with a long list of books to read by Midgley and others from the Companions series.

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