Sunday 29 July 2018

Seventeenth Sunday of Ordinary Time 2018

Seventeenth Sunday of Ordinary Time 2018

The readings for this weekend's mass are:

First Reading 2 Kings 4:42-44
Responsorial Psalm 145:10-11, 15-18 Response 16
Second Reading Ephesians 4:1-6
Gospel John 6:1-15

There is so much to unpack in this weekend's reading, especially the foreshadowing in the first reading, the gospel and the Lord's supper. It was interesting, as I was reading the first reading, I was thinking about the miracle of the loaves and fish, and when I flipped the page there it was. But it got me to thinking. Because the altar at our parish has 5 loves but has seven small fish. So, I did some research, and discovered an Italian Feast of the Seven Fishes, it is a historical Italian-American Christmas Eve celebration. There are many theories on why the feast of seven fish, and I would be interested in finding our why our parish altar is decorated with seven fish. But I digress. 

As mentioned above the first reading from the book of Kings, tells the story of Elisha's compassion on the crowds, and his trust in God to provide. In the story we read:

"Give it to the people and let them eat, 
for thus says the lord,
'They shall eat and have some left.'"
The servant set it before them, 
they ate, and had some left,
according to the Word of the Lord."

This story also echo's the reality of all men. We have a hunger, and that hunger can only be filled by communion, communion with God and with his people, and our Eucharistic celebration is the weekly, or daily reminder of that need, and the source of all true happiness.

The second reading is Paul's encouragement and challenge to the Church at Ephesus. Paul begs the believers to:

"lead a life worthy of the calling
to which you have been called,
With all humility and gentleness, with patience,
wearing with one another in love,

And that call still echoes down to us today. We need to strive both personally and corporately to live worthy of our calling as children of God. To live with Humility, gentleness and patience. And above all to live in love.

And then we come to the gospel reading. The multiplication of the five loaves and two fishes. But not only is everyone fed there is a plenitude left over. We need to turn to God, seen him and trust in him. 

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