Tuesday 31 July 2018

Product Review - Mass Explained App - Dan Gonzalez

Mass Explained App
Dan Gonzalez
Web Online


I have been aware of this app for a while now. It was on my wish list almost from my first becoming aware of it. It is pricier than a lot of apps out there, but after using it for a few months with my children, I have concluded it is more than worth it.

The app has a Nihil Obstat by Monsingnor Terance E. Hogan, SLD and also has an Imprimatur by the Most Reverand Thomas G. Wenski. And of the hundreds of Catholic apps I have tested across both iOS and Android this is the only app I recall that has both of those.

This app is a work of art. It is beautifully designed, and by far one of the most professional Catholic apps I have seen to date. My children love this app. My son, who is planning on being a military chaplain has worked through this app a few times now.

Dan took two years to develop the app, and it is obvious from the quality. From the app opening with a swinging thurible, to the extensive resources after the 23 chapters. The resource section includes links to 29 books, a number I have read and a few I have added to my reading list. From the book resources it then has a list of 10 Church documents, with links that open the documents right in the app. And then there are 6 categories of Catholic links:

General Mass Links
Sacred Music
Church Year/Readings
Catholic Bloggers
Catholic Podcasts
Catholic Publishers

And each section has numerous links. If this app were a book it would be well over 350 pages, and would be a beautiful coffee table book. As can be seen by the sample page below. The section on making the Sign of the cross is three pages long:

As can be see from this sample page the sidebar is full of brief facts, and there are sections where you slide through tidbits of information.

This app is great for personal use, for group study, for high school students or for RCIA. And my children ages 7, 10, 11 all loved it.And excellent resource.

This is an amazing app. As stated one of the best designed and delivered Catholic apps I have ever encountered. It has set a very high bar for any apps that follow it. I wish there was an version for smaller platforms, phones or mini tablets. But I understand that would require a complete redesign. I also wish there was a way to transfer usage, my devices are usually provided by work, and I use whatever platform they provide. It would also be nice if you could sign in on the app in iOS or Android and then be able to use that account for the web version of it. But even with those two items I would like this is an amazing app.

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