Thursday 14 December 2017

Dying for Compassion - Barbara Golder - The Lady Doc Murders Book 2

Dying for Compassion 
The Lady Doc Murders Book 2
Barbara Golder
Full Quiver Publishing
ISBN 9781987970067

I picked up this book to give a read because I had read another by this small publisher and really enjoyed it. The title and description of this book really caught my attention. I really enjoyed this book and before writing this review have already read about a third of book 1 in the series. I can state that this book is more than strong enough to stand on its own. Even though it is the second book in a series, I could hardly put it down and did not feel like I was missing anything by reading them out of order. And to be honest for me that is a sign of good writing, that each book in a series can stand alone.

In some ways while reading this I could not but help to remember back to my youth and watching Quincy M.E. with my dad. It also brought to mind Diagnosis Murder. But with an undercurrent from three of the main characters Catholic faith and its influence on them and their world view. And I do believe that this book could be made into an awesome movie. But as much as I would love seeing a film based on this book, I loved the book. While I was reading it, I could not think about how much my father would enjoy this, and how I need to get him a copy. I also thought of many friends who were fans of Andrew M. Greeley's Blackie Ryan books back in the day, and how much they would appreciate this novel.

In this book we have Jane Wallace, a widow, who is the Medical Examiner in Telluride. A ski town in the mountains. And we have the Eoin Conner and Irish writer, how has overcome a lot in his life. They have a budding romance, and Everything blows up when Eoin's ex-wife Fiona walks in on them in a restaurant. Fiona warns Eoin that if she can't have him, no one will. And when she turns up murdered the blame and all evidence points to Eoin. But not fully believing in his innocence, but also unwilling to leave the matter in the hands of the Irish, Jane travels to Ireland to do her own investigation. And she brings her years as a medical Examiner, Lawyer, and investigator to find answers even if only for her own peace of mind. Fortunately, Eoin has other friends in Telluride, Both Father Matt and Tom Patterson, the local Sheriff are working the case from back home and calling in favors to get to the bottom of the mystery. 

This was a fantastic read. The characters are wonderful. The details in the science of forensics are enough to inspire without becoming too much. The scenery from the mountains in the states to a small island off Ireland's coast are masterfully written. It has been years since I have read mysteries except for the occasional novel here and there. But I would read anything in this series as soon as it comes out. It is a great product from a wonderful publishing house. Full Quiver Publishing has a tag line on their website of "Theology of the Body Fiction", and after reading a few books from them I have a great appreciation for what they are trying to do and the works coming from this publisher. I can highly recommend this book; my only concern is that Golder only has two novels out to date. I already want more to read from her pen. So, give it a chance I am sure the writing will grab your attention and keep you glued to the page.

Note: This book is part of a series of reviews: 2017 Catholic Reading Plan!

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