Tuesday 13 June 2017

Spokes - Deanna K. Klingel

Deanna K. Klingel
Progressive Rising Phoenix Press
ISBN 9781946329165
eISBN 978-1-946329-32-5

This book was recommended to me through one of the Facebook groups that I belong to. I was intrigued by the concept of the story, and trusted the source that recommended it. When I first went to pick up the eBook I bought the wrong one. I did go back and buy this one, but now I already have another book by Klingel in my queue. The short description for the book is:

"A Catholic girl and a Jewish boy training for a triathlon, search for clues to solve the mystery of a hit and run killer. Along the way they discover the importance of truth, friendship, and faith."
And to be honest it does live up to that. But it also deals with a lot of other issues. It deals with bullying, a bit of antisemitism, stretching your limits, trying new things, and most of all dealing with changes that life throws in your path. It does a good job of respecting both the Catholic tradition, and the Jewish faith. Seeing the friendship grow between the two main characters both dealing with loss in their lives and how they approach it different is one of the best written aspects of the book.

The friendship between Kelsey and Brendon is wonderful to watch develop. They investigation of a murderer add a deeper and little darker element to the story. The monks at the monastery in the country and their dogs are wonderful. And the rhythm of training for the trilithon provides some great secondary plot line elements. Another great side story is the work with the Special Olympics and how it is woven into the plot, and in surprising ways.

Overall this was a really good read. A great read for summer break or vacation. Just to sit back and read and see the mystery unfold. A good book that I look forward to rereading with my oldest when she is a few years older, and to be honest if I cannot wait to share a book with my kids or friends that is the best recommendation I can make. This book though written for teens is also great for adults who love a good story. So why not take this story for a spin, and see where you link on the writings by Deanna K. Klingel.  

Note: This book is part of a series of reviews: 2017 Catholic Reading Plan!

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