Sunday 11 June 2017

Quotes from Jacob's Children - Noah Ben Shea

Quotes from Jacob's Children by Noah Ben Shea

This book is in process, I read an early draft and loved it. Here are some of the pieces I highlighted that really moved me.

"In gratitude," said Jacob, "find prayer. "In prayer find faith. "In faith find grace. "In grace find peace. "In peace find gratitude."   

"Because when you cannot change events you must change you."

"Prayer isn't supposed to make you feel better but be better," said Jacob.

"No," said Jacob. "I think most of us don't lack for information but for the character to act on the information at hand?'"

"We are not in charge of what the world delivers to our door," said Jacob. "We are in charge of our response."

"And our work in this life is not what we do but who we are."

"The greatest opportunity in life," said Jacob "is daring to be the person you might yet become."

Looking forward to seeing this book in print and sharing it with many friends! 

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