Wednesday 28 June 2017

Product Review - Pure Leaf Black Tea with Vanilla

Pure Leaf Black Tea with Vanilla
Pure Leaf

I have had a few of the Pure Leaf Iced Teas over the years so when I had a chance to try some of their bagged tea, I was very excited. First I tried the Chai Bagged Tea, it was a great disappointment. This one was not any better. This tea is so weak that at first I tried steeping it long, once I was up to 8 minutes I added a second bag, then a third. To get a good strong cup of tea it took 3 bags and steeping 6 minutes. This tea was so disappointing that I put it out at work with a sign saying help yourself.

I was very surprised that a company that makes such good bottled iced teas makes such pathetic bagged tea. Very disappointing. The directions say too steep for 3 minutes, but it takes almost triple the time and number of bags to make a good cup. If I had not got this to review I would have returned it for refund.

This tea contains single origin Kenyan long leaf black tea, ground vanilla beans, marigold petals, and natural flavour. It needs a lot more tea, a different type of tea or more 'natural flavour'.  Would not try it again and would not recommend it to anyone who actually enjoys tea.

I have tried hundreds of teas over the years. I currently have about 20 types at home and 10 at work. Some of my fondest memories are drinking tea with my gram, with friends or even a good book. This is the worst tea I can recall ever drinking! 

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