Friday 13 January 2017

Domination - Jon S. Lewis - C.H.A.O.S. Book 3

C.H.A.O.S. Book 3
Jon S. Lewis
Thomas Nelson
ISBN 9781595547552
eISBN 9781401688141

Sometimes I really hesitate to read the final books in series. I often just do not want the store to end, especially if it is a really good series. This final book in the series was good but to be honest I liked the first two better. When I finished book 2, I had more than a year to wait for book three, and when this book finally came out it kept getting bumped down on my reading list.

Things have really peaked in this novel. It is science fiction action at its best. This book still reminds me of much in classic science fiction. A little bit Bester, a little Heinlein, a bit of Herbert. In this volume Earth is under attack and it does not look good. The Thule are randomly opening portals and attacking more frequently and in greater force. Their plan is complete domination of Earth and humanity. But Thule legend has tale about the betrayer, someone who will rise up and destroy their own people. And the American government tried to make it happen by mixing Thule DNA in children. Colt, McAlister grandson of The Phantom Flyer was the only successful case. After the discovered treason in the last book, the revelation to the general population about aliens and the attacks things are not going well. And Colt is now leading a team that has been promoted from being a training squad in the CHASO Military Academy. But Colt not only needs to lead his team in real battles, try and get his best friend Oz reinstated (even though his father was the traitor) now they want him touring with a musical show to boost morale. He is training for a special mission to go through to the Thule world to end the war. That is a lot of weight on a young man’s shoulders but Colt seems to be up to the challenge.

This book is a good read, and the series as a whole is fantastic. I feel like the series built and built but then seemed to just get everything resolved a little quick. The characters are great; Colt, his grandfather Murdoch, Oz, the whole team. The writing is very good. And the ending leaves it open for a possible extension, or at least we can hope. I should have got around to reading it earlier, but am thankful I finally picked it up. Good book from a great series, highly recommend the whole trilogy!

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