Monday 16 January 2017

Barbie: The Special Sleepover - Francine Hughes

Barbie: The Special Sleepover
Francine Hughes
Little Golden Book a division of
Penguin Random House
ISBN 9780307988089

Anyone over a certain age will remember the Little Golden Books, and likely the collection they had at home. They were often gifts from Aunts, cousins, parents and signed and dedicated. A recent search of a popular book store titles found almost 500 little Golden Books in the catalogue. Many of the more modern ones are in a paperback edition, but there is something so nostalgic about reading a hard cover little golden book with a child.

My youngest daughter picked up this one at the white elephant sale at school. We have read it together a few times now. She absolutely adores the book. She loves the story. She likes that the cover is photos of dolls but the inside is actual illustrations. She also really loves the story. Barbie's little sister Chelsey is having a sleep over, she has 3 friends sleeping over. The make their own pizza's, the camp out in the living room. And they find a way to help each other overcome their fear.

Overall this is a good book it is simple wholesome fun. And with how much my daughter loves it and that she choose to spend her own money on it, it is a winner in our house.

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