Wednesday 18 January 2017

Distractions - Philip Kosloski - A Step-By-Step Guide on How to Stay Focused During Prayer

A Step-By-Step Guide on How to Stay Focused During Prayer
Schedule That Will Change Your Life
Philip Kosloski
Philip A. Kosloski

Over the past year I have read 5 books by Philip Kosloski. I stated in another review that his book read like a university paper. That cannot be said about this one. This is more like a spiritual classic. In some ways it reminds me of the writings of Brother Lawrence or Saint Patrick's writings. It is short, to the point and yet with a lot of meat. This is the third book on prayer by Kosloski that I have read, the other two on prayer are; Basic Field Manual for Hearing God's Voice and 3 Methods of Prayer That Will Change Your Life were available from Kindle. But he also has three great books that are currently only available through his website. They are: Serviam, Distractions and Horarium and each of the three were excellent reads!

Kosloski's major focus in his writing is prayer and discernment. Both are great themes. For those of us who wish to grow and deepen in our spiritual life. The sections in this book are:

Are You Distracted During Prayer? 
I. Go To Your Inner Room 
II. The Secret to Praying Without Looking at the Clock 
III. How to Stay Focused During Prayer and Reduce Unnecessary
IV. Is God Distracting Us During Prayer? 
V. The Battle of Prayer: Why We Shouldn't Lose Heart If We Fail 
Resources on Prayer 

In the introduction Kosloski states: "In this eBook I will cover some of the most common distractions that we all experience and offer simple, clear advice that will help you overcome these obstacles to a fruitful prayer life." And that is exactly what he does. The Four key distractions he tackles are:

1. Place
2. Time 
3. Exterior Concerns 
4. Wandering Thoughts 

So this book focuses on human distractions. Distractions of our own making. But He also gives in this book some quick guidance on discernment about if something is from God, ourselves or the enemy. But this book is also part workbook. At the end of each chapter is reflection and then space to journal on some guiding questions. 

One of the key passages that really hit me was "The key is to balance our time of prayer with the right amount of spiritual reading, devotions and mental prayer. I have learned that it is much more of an art, than a science." In my own life I have oscillated between too much reading and not enough. In the spiritual life it is about finding the balance. Another key point is "Remember, Prayer is Not All About You"! 

Another great quote is "Prayer is a "battle" and the battlefield is in our hearts. Will we give-up and run away or fight until the last breath leaves our body?" As usual Kosloski draws extensively from church documents and other writings. He also gives a list of great resources to take what we learn here to another level.

Another great book from Philip Kosloski give it a try I am sure you will not be disappointed!

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