Tuesday 1 March 2016

The Machine - Oafish Droll - Potential Portal Book 1

The Machine
Potential Portal Book 1
Oafish Droll

For a fist published story this is a great read, that the author is 13 at the time of publication makes it an amazing read. I had to put the book down twice and both times kept thinking about the story. It is a fantastic premise, well written and with very interesting characters. There is only two real draw backs the first is the brevity of the story, the second is the cliff hanger ending.

The story takes place in Hillsboro Wisconsin, a town founded by Mr. Ryan Gobbels, a retired actor and member of the house of representatives. Not to be confused with the other Hillsboro's founder by Mr. Gobbels in Nevada and Oklahoma and a third in a state yet unnamed. Our main cast of characters in this part of the story is a group of school mates. The main two are Andrew and his close mate Darien, but because of the luck of the draw on a school project the group is rounded out by Benton, Lilith and Rachel.

Days after a freak power outage at the school caused supposedly by a localized EMP, the children are back in school. The five find themselves in a room with a weird arc, a computer that is still functioning even though everything else was destroyed and the appearance of strange man with a gold lined cape and a strange sceptre. Ducking through the arc of light the children not only find themselves transported through space but also through time.

This story is intended to set the groundwork for a much longer piece. It does a great job of grabbing the reader and keeping them hooked, and with the cliff hanger desperate for the next instalment. It is a great short story or novella and I look forward to reading more by the author. All we know about the author is he enjoys reading, ice cream, interstellar travel and as mentioned previously he is 13. Well done young man well done. So far this year I have read 30 book and this short volume is one of the best!

Note: a novel version of this short story is now available as The Arc of Light by Mithrandir.

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