Monday 29 February 2016

Poems for You & Your Neighbour: Health Disorders Simplified - Amanda Jones

Poems for You & Your Neighbour:
Health Disorders Simplified
Amanda Jones
Amazel Enterprise
ISBN 9780692479070

The description for this book is: "A collection of poems which relate information on health disorders plus a few extra bonuses. They also 1)Help commit information to memory. 2)Educate encourage and empower. 3)Are a source of reference Please Read and Share" And it does a really good job of that. I could see this being a learning tool for Nurses studying for exams, or for patience with specific conditions or for an aging population susceptible to many of the conditions outlined in the poems. The Poems found in this volume are:

Poem I - Vacancy: Nurse Wanted
Poem II - Five Hand Hygiene Moments
Poem III - Vision
Poem IV - Cataract
Poem V - Glaucoma
Poem VI - A Threat To Our Future
Poem VII - My Encounter with Diabetes
Poem VIII - Diabetic Footcare
Poem IX - Diabetic Retinopathy
Poem X - Diet Tips for Diabetics
Poem XI - Hypertension
Poem XII - I am a Nurse

Yes it is a light easy read. But the poems are well written, they were enjoyable. It was easy to read the book but I gleamed a lot of information. Mrs Jones has done a wonderful job conveying information in an easy to use format. The inspiration for the book is that Mrs Jones works as a nurse and her department has an increasing number of patients with visual impairments and blindness. The poems were created as an easy way for them to learn and remember information about their conditions and possible complications. And it does a great job of that.

It is an excellent little read. My only regret is the brevity of the volume. But Maybe Mrs Jones will grace us with more volumes to continue the learning and spread of knowledge.

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