Monday 14 March 2016

Pope Francis and the Thomas Merton Connection - Ray Yungen

Pope Francis and the Thomas Merton Connection
Ray Yungen
Lighthouse Trails Publishing

Sometimes you read something so horrible it amazing you. This was one of those times. If there was a way to review it with giving 0 Stars I would. The title of this book grabbed my attention. I have ready many books by and about Merton going back to my days in university. I have been reading a lot by and about Pope Francis. I figured this book would be along the social justice lines, pointing out similarities in their thoughts or approaches.

The author claims to have studied Merton for over 20 years, so I wonder how he can misread Merton so badly unless he has such huge blinders or it is intentional misrepresentation of facts. Most of his Merton quotes are partial and some with numerous … thus clipping the original context and distorting the intention. If Ray Yungen wants to understand Merton maybe he should go back and read some of Michael W. Higgin's works on the man. Or even my own piece Thomas Merton The Man, The Monk , and on Monasticism.

Fortunately this is a very short booklet or I would have given up, and reviewed it without finishing. This book is supposed to be non-fiction and if so It is the worst I have read that I can recall ever. Don't waste your time or money, I wish I had mine back.

(Note I usually link to both author and publisher websites when I write reviews. This book was so horrible I could not bring myself to do so.)

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