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The Wearle - Chris d'Lacey - Erth Dragons Book 1

The Wearle
Erth Dragons Book 1
Chris D'Lacey
Orchard Books
ISBN 9781408332474

ISBN 9780545900188

I am currently reading three different dragon series by Chris d'Lacey. All three are wonderful, but as I read more and more of his writing the more impressed I am with his craft and skill with the pen. This first book in a new series is powerful, raw and enchanting. There is some commonalities to all of his dragon books, like the dragon's life force being in the dragon's tear. The simple Hrrrrrr.  But if this new book is indeed set on our Earth and the same earth as the Dragons of Wayward Crescent or the Last Dragon Chronicles It is set a long long time ago.

The Wearle are a colony come to Erth to find out what happened to their previous colony that contact was lost with. They have come and claimed the mountains as their domain and they have driven the hom, man, the Kaal from their home caves and keep them at bay by patrols along a scorch line. This line literally burned into the earth is a clear marker and patrolled well by the skaler's as the men call them. But life among the Dragons and the men is about to be changed drastically.

Ren a young boy has a fascination with the dragons. And when a foolish man stirs up the dragons and it costs him his life it causes all sorts of strange things to happen. Gabrial on the other hand is a young dragon out to prove himself, he is willing to take risks and must accept harsh punishment.

This story was stunning from the first words until the last few I was hooked. The story caught my imagination and kept me glued to the pages. Infact I have started reading it over again at a slower pace to saver the story again.The hardest part of finishing this book is know that book two is only being written now and is a long way off. But there are yet a lot of Chris's book I have not yet read they should keep me busy for a while.

This was the first book I finished in 2016, and it already ranks with the top ten of the 177 books I read in 2015. I highly recommend it.

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Author Profile and Interview with Chris d'Lacey.

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