Friday 22 January 2016

Life Changers Program - Greg Willits

Life Changers Program
75 Easy Ways to Break Through Spiritual Plateaus and Experience God
Greg Willits

This series was promoted by one of the Catholic authors I follow. I had not heard of Greg Willits by name before. I was aware of one of his sites The Rosary Army, but had yet to read or listen to anything by him. This series was amazing. And yes he offers it completely for free. I have already listened to the series through twice and know I will listen to it again. Over the past month I have listened to 2 sessions a day, one repeating from the day before and one a new lesson.

This series is full of helpful and useful advice for living your faith, growing your faith and sharing your faith. Greg is easy to listen to and he is very engaging. When you sign up for and download this series you get 27 audio files and a pdf guide. Across the 25 sessions numerous resources are recommended so you can go deeper:

Books 39
Podcasts 7
Audio 5
DVD's 5
Video's 3
CD 1
And Various Other Resources 27

I have already read a few of the books recommended and will continue to pursue this treasure trove of knowledge. With every session there is a task for living the faith, sharing the faith and knowing the faith. This amazing resource is free! All you need to do is sign up and get a link to the download. I highly recommend this series. You get 27 audio sessions packed with easy ideas on how to improve your faith, your prayer life, your relationship with God and through those your relationships with others. Some of his tasks are challenging, and what I find easy you might find hard but there will be room for major growth.

This is an amazing tool to grow your faith and yes it is ABSOLUTELY FREE! So check it out and give it a try!

Books by Greg Willits:
The Catholics Next Door: Adventures in Imperfect Living 
The New Evangelization and You: Be Not Afraid 

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