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Bulletproof Health and Fitness: Your Secret to High Achievement - Michal Stawicki - Six Simple Steps to Success Book 3

Bulletproof Health and Fitness: 
Your Secret to High Achievement
Six Simple Steps to Success Book 3
Michal Stawicki

I had the privilege of reading an early draft of this book a few months before it was released. I loved it. This final version was updated significantly, so much so that I reread it before writing my review and to be honest it is even better now. Michal has a way of motivating, inspiring and encouraging his readers. He is just an ordinary guy who through consistent practice and dedication to daily habits has achieved great success, physically, mentally and in his work life. He attributes much of his overall success to the start he got making health and fitness changes. Is he a fitness expert, no, does he have all the answers, no, but what he does offer is some sound simple advice based on research and personal experience. He states "Mastering your body is just a question of a few simple disciplines that you intimately understand: eat less, eat better, move more, drink smarter, and sleep better." And goes on to give some great advice to make those things happen. The chapters in this book that Michal works us through are:

Your Body Is Your Basic Asset 
Moderation Guarantees Results 
Biggest Mistake 
Your Life Is Made of Habits 
Sleep Quantity 
Sleep Quality 
Hack for Undersleeping 
Diets Don't Work
Fasting Is Not Fatal 
Variety and Weight Control 
Drinking Problem 
Fitness Shortcut: High-Intensity Interval Training 
Steady State Cardio 
I Like to Move It, Move It 
Can You Have a Successful Body? 
Success Through Your Body

Michal says "I only feel comfortable writing in-depth about solutions that I have experienced myself. Transforming a body is something that I have done well, and the "doing of it" started miracles in my life." And he offers some guidance for achieving the same in your own life. He declares "However, once I had recognized my ability to control my body, I was able to grasp the idea of control over my mind. The almost immediate feedback made me realize I had power over my life. Bodily transformation led to life transformation."  He reminds us of the truth that "Sadly, most of us are taught self-imposed helplessness. Our fears paralyze us. We don't take consistent action to achieve our dreams." So maybe this book can be the beginning of you going after your dreams, firth physically and then from the confidence that brings much bigger dreams. 

Moderation Guarantees Results is a great chapter, Michal says "My purpose in this book is not to present you with an out?of?the?box "21-Day Program for Rapid Body Transformation." What I can do is explain what a successful body is, and which avenues can lead you there. You'll need to be responsible for picking up the pieces that are right for you, the ones that will work for you." And he offers enough advice to get you heading in the right direction. He also states "To reiterate: this book is NOT a fitness program. There is no diet you must stick with to get results. That thinking is nonsense. I'll show you the elements I consider important in sustaining your body so your body will maintain you in your pursuit for success." He intends this book to be the basis for you creating and crafting your own lifelong health and fitness strategy. He gives us the tools and information and we make it our own and make it happen. 

One of the best pieces of advice in the book is "Therefore, I invite you to do what any reasonable person should do when met with contradictory advice: filter my suggestions through your experience, try my ideas one by one, and continue implementing the things that work. After all, we are talking about your body and your routine, not about the behavior of laboratory rats!" Again Michal is helping us to shape our own plan and giving us tools to help us achieve the goals we set. Later on he says "Moderation is the key to a successful body, and eating is the key to optimal body weight. If your body weight is outside the optimal Body Mass Index boundaries, I seriously encourage you to take some steps to change it. The majority of modern society has a problem with an excessive mass, and getting to your optimal weight means shedding some fat."  And a few paragraphs later "To summarize this chapter, I recommend a diet called "your diet." It is the one that allows you to keep an optimal body weight and energy level, not the one your friend (or even your doctor) recommends. "Your diet" should be one you can sustain (think ten years or more)." What immediately comes to your mind when you think 1, 3, 5 or 10 years out. Where do you want to be and how are you going to get there?

Michal reminds us again and again in his writing it is about small steps consistently done. He declares "Keep trying. Be persistent and do something every day to improve it. Once you achieve a satisfying level of energy, be mindful and don't slip into your old ways." Keep at it and slowly add to it. In the conclusion he says "More energy, higher self-esteem, and increased awareness about what you are able to do with your life are only a beginning. From those foundations, your life transformation will start. You'll be able to think with conviction about pursuing success, however you define it." With the help of this book and others Michal has written you can do it. So read the book, set some goals and go for it!

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