Wednesday 20 May 2015

Pure Strength Protein Bars - Product Review

StrongBars Nutrition

Over the last 25 years I have tried numerous protein powders, bars, shakes and more. I am always looking for that perfect product; it needs great taste, value, consistency. These bars meet those requirements and exceeds them. Now to be honest I received a free sample of these bars, and have known the creator and owner of StrongBars almost my whole life. But this is one of the best products I have ever had. So read on and find out why.

Phil Armstrong has created this superior product because he could not find anything on the market to meet his needs. As someone who excels in Cross Fit, and Spartan races he needed better fuel then he was finding off the shelf.  Take a look at the nutritional information (see image). They declare: "Our signature protein bar Pure Strength leads the Strongbars Nutrition product line. We want to inspire you while also offering clean, healthy nutritional supplements that use only high-quality pure protein and simple organic ingredients (with no brackets on the ingredient list)." And they do that with amazing taste to boot. Currently they are made in small batches and manufactured in Canada. Also they only ship to Ontario and Quebec but expansion is planned. On the corporate website it states: "StrongBars Nutrition was founded on the belief that life is to be enjoyed, not endured. We want to inspire you to reach new levels of joy and excellence by overcoming self-doubt, taking action, and exceeding your expectations of yourself." Phil does that and these bars can be a great tool in your own nutritional and fitness arsenal.

These bars are smaller than most I have had before. They are roughly 1.5x2 X.25 inch in size. They come in at 150 calories and 9 grams of protein per bar. They can be used individually are a supplement or I used 2 as a meal replacement. And the price point beats almost everything on the market. But when you factor in the flavor, organic sources it really is the best price you will get for a product of this quality. They currently come in packs of 2, 15, or 25 even with shipping and taxes they come in at under $2 per bar for the 25 pack. Like I said the best bar for the price you will ever get. And my sample was shipped to me and was in the mail on a very hot day and there were no issues with the product at all.

So go order a bag or if you are still hesitant order the 2 pack sample and give them a try. I know they are excellent. And if you are not satisfied they guarantee to make it right!

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