Wednesday 13 May 2015

How To Do A Handstand - Robin Peter Zander - Learn To Balance A Fearless Handstand In 20 Days Or Less

How To Do A Handstand:
Learn To Balance A Fearless Handstand In 20 Days Or Less
Robin Peter Zander
Zander Publishing

Few books that I can recall ever reading were as disappointing as this one. This book was the first Kindle book that I have read after reading it completely. Basically the book is a short paragraph and then a link to a youtube video. The descriptions of the youtube video's overlap with the content in the book for that specific chapter. So you pay for the ebook and get links to publically available videos on the author's channel.

If you ever watched Friends, and how most of the gang respond to Janice's voice is like listening to Robin's video's. The only reasons I gave the book a 1 star and not 0 star rating, is that my reaction to his voice I know will not be all people's and second, some people might actually be able to use this to learn to do handstand. Second you cannot actually give it less than 1 star. For me it just would not work and paying for links to public video's seems ridiculous.

So my opinion of this book is it is less of a book and a brochure you buy with links to the real content.

Greatly disappointed and really cannot recommend it to anyone. I cant even give it an A for effort.

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