Friday 15 May 2015

Learn to Read with Great Speed! - Michal Stawicki - How to Change Your Life in 10 Minutes a Day Book 2

Learn to Read with Great Speed! Only 10 minutes a day! 
How to Change Your Life in 10 Minutes a Day
Book 2 
Michal Stawicki
ISBN 9781500811976

When someone heard I was reading this book they asked why. I read on average over 100 books a year. My reading speed is over 400 words per minute. But it was not always that way. I have a dual form of dyslexia and came out of grade 7 reading at a grade 3 level and went into grade 8 reading at a University level because I spent my whole summer break in school learning how to read. With this book you can achieve that in just 10 minutes a day! My answer was threefold, first I am always looking to improve and grown and second I often get asked for book reconditions for people looking to read more. And third I have loved all of Michal's books that I have read and want to read his complete cannon. Up until now I would always recommend either The Coles Notes Your Guide To Speed Reading or Teach Yourself Speed Reading from the Work Smarter series. Both of which I have read and recommended to numerous people who have had success in increasing their reading speed. But now my first pick now will be Michal's book!

Like the other books in the 10 Minutes a Day series this book follows a simple format but presents a lot of great information in a small concise package. The sections in the book are:

10 Minutes 
Speed Reading Obstacles 
Free Resources 
The Stories 
Nathaniel's Story 
My Story 

Early on Michal states: "Your background, your education, your interests, your general knowledge - all these factors influence your reading speed, because they determine your vocabulary and your reading confidence." And from my previous reading and experience that is very true. But based on Michal's story: "I'm living proof that a 10-minute practice can be fruitful. I can read more than 50% of what I read a year ago within the same time. I can read 90 minutes a day (including the speed reading practices) and still read the same amount of text that used to take me two hours to read a year ago." And that can be true for you also. So pick up the book and give it a try. As Michal declares "Value your time. Your time is your life. Start today, grab a book and use your finger as a pointer, or read and simultaneously pat your thigh rhythmically. Just for ten minutes. Discover that there is no magic in speed reading and keep practicing." And who knows what your reading speed may become, you will have more time to read or for other activities. Basically it is a win win situation for you. 

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Author Profile and Interview with Michal Stawicki

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