Wednesday 4 March 2015

Seat Cushion - Bael Decor - Firm Orthopedic, Coccyx Cushion with Natural Balance Ball

Seat Cushion
Firm Orthopedic, Coccyx Cushion with Natural Balance Ball
Bael Decor

I was offered one of these in exchange for an honest review. I was really interested in it for my father, he has suffered from Sciatica and I thought it would be great to try it, get him to try it and write the review.  The title of the product on Amazon is: "Seat Cushion - Firm Orthopedic, Coccyx Cushion with Natural Balance Ball Relieve Back Pain, Coccyx Pain, Sciatica & Corrects Postures. Sure Shot Results or 1 Year Hassle Free Money Back Guarantee!" Which is rather long and wordy - but this is an amazing seat cushion. I was at the point of planning on replacing my desk chair. After trying it with this there is no more need to do so. This cushion is so comfortable that I am planning on getting one for work. My dad has yet to try it but I have been so impressed with it that I had to write the review now.

The Bael Seat Cushion is an award winning and extremely popular seat cushion. There are a couple of different styles cushions around the office that I have tried and to be honest none compare to this product. To be honest I was not even aware that I was having any discomfort until I had been using this for a number of days. I could not believe the difference between using this at home and not using it at work. And I work I have a very high end desk chair.

Benefits of this seat cushion are:
1. Reduces tailbone or coccyx pain
2. Corrects postures
3. Reduces back pain
4. Appeases risk of sitting long hours
5. Provides natural balance­ball effect

This device really surprised me. I was expecting to try it, think it was ok and pass it on to my dad. Now I think it is a great product and highly recommend it. If you spend any serious amount of your day in a desk chair you need to give this a try!

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