Monday 30 March 2015

Grit in Your Craw - Robert Luckadoo

Grit in Your Craw:
The 8 Strengths You Need To Succeed in Business and in Life
Robert Luckadoo
Southern Flair Communications
ISBN 9780990785606
eISBN 9780990785613

This book was one of my surprise reads so far this year. I had never head of the author. But the title of the book really grabbed my attention. I am in the middle of a yearlong leadership program at work and I have already recommended they add this to the reading list. It is one of the best business books I have read in years. At under a hundred and thirty pages it packs a lot of punch into a few pages.

In the introduction Robert states: "So the term "a little grit in your craw" refers to qualities like courage and determination that people use to "break down" challenging situations into manageable situations-qualities that we can use to take advantage of the opportunities God gives all of us." And also "My hope is that you find the eight essential strengths I cover in this book to be a road map for your success, a small prism of clarity in a world shrouded in fog. I hope you'll embrace these eight must-have qualities-diligence, tenacity, optimism, flexibility, discipline, resilience, confidence and purpose-and use them to your great advantage." And those 8 points are also the key chapters. The sections in the book are:

Eight Strengths You Can't Succeed Without
The Foundation
1 Diligence
2 Tenacity
3 Optimism
4 Flexibility
5 Discipline
6 Resilience
7 Confidence
8 Purpose
A Closing Note

To be honest this book was so good that a few times I put it down to really work through the chapter. Even though they are short and to the point, a few times I restarted a chapter to really set the points.

Robert declares that "I hope the eight qualities that are the focus of this book inspire you to become a beacon of light for those in your life. I hope they help you to meet the challenges of your life with hope and promise. And most of all, I hope they inspire you to take advantage of every opportunity that God provides you." And having finished this book twice through now I know that it can do that if you are willing to read, be open and learn.

Chapter 4 was one of the most powerful for me, Flexibility! "Make a point to be more flexible in both your career and your personal life. You'll be a lot happier, and your family will, too." This was probably the single most important lesson for me. I love rules and procedures and under certain conditions that dedication has really helped me thrive professionally, but it has been a hindrance in family life, with my wife and children. This chapter had so many takeaways that I am trying to apply.

In the closing notes Robert declares: "If the window you aspire to reach is the one at the top of the carousel, the one that seems so far out of reach, all you have to do is embrace the eight qualities I've focused on in this book and make them a part of your daily routine. Success doesn't come easily-it comes through a calculated, deliberate, mode of operation in your daily life-and these eight qualities will act as a foundation for that success. If exercised diligently and with a tenacious spirit, they'll take you to the next level in your career and in your personal life. They'll take you to the top of the carousel, where you can jump through the window that's offering you the opportunity to achieve your greatest ambitions." And it is so true.

This is a great book. I have already recommended it to a number of people. It will help you have greater success in both your personal and professional life.

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