Sunday 11 January 2015

Building A Classic Physique - Jared Zimmerer

Building A Classic Physique
Jared Zimmerer
Published by Jared Zimmerer

This book is currently being offered for free on Jared's site. It is a great little read. Considering it comes in at under 50 pages it has some awesome advice. It has advice for finding balance, advice for growth and advice for not just achieving in the gym but in life. I shared this with a few guys who work out hard core and they loved it. The balance of faith and fitness is great. The contents are:

About Building a Classic Physique
What is a Classic Physique?
Resistance Training
Full Body Routine
Supersets to Glory
Prepping for a Show
Cardiovascular Training
Diet and Nutrition
Avoiding Traps
The Mindset of the Classic Physique Builder

The book begins with: "The 'classic physique' is less about the attainment of massive amounts of muscle and more building the musculature to a person's specific body type in order to create a balanced, well-rounded, beautiful body in the sense of the ancient Greek and Roman artists as well as the sense of many artists of the middle ages. The classic physique is one that portrays the beauty and strength of the human form without the necessity of going beyond." p.8 And from these goes on to give guidance on how to live to attain those traits.

Jared States: "A characteristic of the true classic physique builder is a mind for higher things. This is a major help when it comes time to denying ourselves the usual treats of life. There is a mentality that must become part of who you are if you want to be successful in your fitness and health endeavors. This attitude must be more than just a resolve to better ourselves, while this still has its own place, of course. Rather, what must be remembered in our constant day in and day out lifestyle is that we are aiming to reach our own individual, optimal physique." p.37 Jared gives sample routines, meal plans and good solid advice. This book is small but packs a big punch. It made my top ten non-fiction books of 2014 and I highly recommend it. Also you cannot beat the price.

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