Wednesday 10 July 2013

Apples A to Z - Margaret McNamara and Jake Parker

Apples A to Z
Margaret McNamara (Author)
Jake Parker (Illustrator)
ISBN 978 0439728089

If giving apples to your teacher is a tradition to such an extent that apples have become symbols for teachers, imagine a whole book full of wonderful illustrations and amazing information. But the book will not just be great for teachers; it is fun for the whole family.

The book has amazing information. That even as a parent I found it fascinating to read. The illustrations are amazing. The story is fun to read and can easily be read over and over again. At the end of the book is an awesome collection of activities and crafts. And on the V for Varieties this is a list of some apple species Apples a-z but at least one for every letter of the alphabet.

This is a great book and comes with my highest recommendation.

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