Friday 12 July 2013

Fyrelocke: Jack Boomershine and the Prophecy Untold - R. Christopher Kobb

Fyrelocke: Jack Boomershine and the Prophecy Untold
R. Christopher Kobb
Moonpepper Press
ISBN 9780989207201

Some books just take you by surprise. I must admit that the cover of this book grabbed my attention and the description of the book was compelling. But neither prepared me for the magical adventure that this story would be, and let's hope it is just the beginning of a much longer tale. The story is similar to N.D. Wilson's 100 Cupboards in both style and substance. It is a very fun story filled with twists and turns that will surprise even the most veteran readers. It will also be an excellent read for the intended audience of pre-teens and young adults.

Jack Boomershine is a young inventor, a scientist a young man focused on the mind and the future. But a series of strange events pull him into a world he did not even know existed and is well beyond anything his science can explain. It all begins with some strange text messages, and while on a field trip in the cliffs of Brighton Jack is led to a mysterious stone. This person of science must learn to find his way in a world of magic, mystery, telepathy and more. He will encounter an ancient evil and more. He goes on this adventure with his best friend Chase and soon finds new friends along the way.

This book was an excellent read. It had a number of dark illustrations that added to the story and will be of special interest to younger readers.

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