Friday 10 May 2013

Windows Server 2008 Active Directory Microsoft Exam 70-640 - Ed Liberman - Train Signal

Windows Server 2008 Active Directory
Microsoft Exam 70-640
Ed Liberman
Train Signal

Active Directory is such a core component of many Windows Environments, and yet to really master it takes a lot of time and effort. Even for administrators who work with one or more of the AD tools each and every day, you often only really know or use a specific set of tasks and do them over and over again. This course goes over it all - what you use day in and day out, and what you set up and seldom touch.

For the most part it was a really good course. But at times seemed a little ridiculous; some of the stuff was way too basic.  If you do not know how to use Shift or CRTL select you should not be doing an AD course. And I sure do not want you playing in any production environment I have a stake in!

The Lessons are:
1. Getting Started with Windows Server 2008 Active Directory
2. Lab Set Up
3. Scenario for Course
4. Introduction to Active Directory
5. The Role of DNS in Active Directory
6. Installing Windows Server 2008 R2 and Active Directory
7. Remote Management
8. Creating Active Directory Objects
9. Managing Active Directory Objects
10. Configuring Access to Network Resources
11. Configuring Group Policy Objects
12. Working with Group Policy Exceptions
13. Configuring Group Policy Preferences
14. Using Group Policy for Software Deployment
15. Configuring Password Policies
16. Delegating Administrative Control
17. Managing and Maintaining Active Directory
18. Active Directory Backup and Recovery
19. Creating Sites and Configuring Replication
20. Securing a Branch Office Domain Controller
21. Upgrading Your Active Directory Infrastructure
22. Working with Trust Relationships
23. Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services Overview
24. Active Directory Rights Management Services Overview
25. Active Directory Certificate Services Overview
26. Active Directory Federation Services Overview
27. Preparing for Your Windows Server 2008 Active Directory, Configuring (70-640) Certification Exam
28. Next Steps
29. Active Directory Recycle Bin
30. Active Directory Administrative Center
31. Active Directory Best Practices Analyzer
32. Active Directory Offline Domain Join

Overall, this was a really good course. Some courses that are designed for specific exams only teach what is needed for passing that exam. This course gives you the overview of all you need to know to become a good AD administrator. The material is engaging. Ed presents in a manner that will keep your attention. It is another great course from TrainSignal!

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