Monday 6 May 2013

Evernote Essentials v2 - Brett Kelly

Evernote Essentials v2 
Brett Kelly 

I was given a bound copy of this book but the ebook is easily obtainable from the author's site. I should also note that there is now a version three available. This book is an amazing tool. I have used it and found it has greatly increased my organization and productivity. The chapters in v2 are: 

1 Introduction
5 Evernote Anatomy
8 Installation and Configuration
17 A Quick Tour of the Main Evernote Window
20 Adding Stuff to Evernote
28 Evernote Organization 101
33 Notebook Sharing
40 Evernote Search: Seek and Ye Shall Find
51 Evernote on the Go
53 Evernote, Email and You
57 Evernote and Satellites in Space
58 Tagging for Superhumans
62 A Smorgasbord of Random Evernote Organizational Tips
67 Evernote for Bloggers
70 Evernote for Programmers
73 Evernote for Foodies
75 Evernote for Covert Double Agents
77 Evernote as an Address Book
79 Evernote as a Simple Photo Sharing Service
81 Evernote as a Task Manager
87 Evernote as a Filing Cabinet
89 For Longtime Users: Regaining Control of Your Evernote Database
92 Conclusion
93 About the Author
94 Disclosure
95 Acknowledgments

 If I had known the book was $29 before it was given to me, I would not likely have bought it myself. But I am glad it was bought for me. It is awesome.
Version two has some additional chapters and added content. But in doing so, some mistakes were made. Chapter 5 ends stating that 'Searching' will be covered next, but a new chapter on sharing has been inserted in between.  I know it is a small thing, but for a $29 PDF of 99 pages, it makes a difference. But overall I can highly recommend this book. I have suggested it to numerous people, from lawyers to Microsoft trainers, and everyone who has gotten the book, finds that they now use Evernote for a lot more. Also, everyone I have recommended this book to has also come back and told me they have told others about it. Even if you only apply one or two of the techniques listed in the book, you will get your money's worth! And with under 100 pages you can read a chapter at a time and apply it before moving on to the next technique.

A great resource for anyone with multiple devices and wanting to be more organized!

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