Monday 17 December 2012

Year of Faith Companion - Magnificat

Magnificat, Year of Faith Companion
ISBN 9781936260508

This book will be an amazing devotional read during this Year of Faith. It has a new reading for each day of the year. The readings are a mix of profiles of characters from the bible, prayers, meditations and excerpts from the catechism. Everyday gives you something new to reflect upon and ponder. This book will enrich your prayer life, and challenge you to acts of kindness. It will remind you of heroes of the faith who have gone before us, and use them as examples for your own life.

These meditations are as short as a page and as long as three pages. Each can have a direct impact on your life. It is an amazing book. So dive in and let the spirit use this book to move you!

Monsignor Lorenzo Albacete
Douglas Bushman
Father John Dominic Corbett, O.P.
Father Lawrence Donohoo
Anthony Esolen
Justin Fatica
Angela Franks
J. David Franks
Father Michael Gaudoin-Parker
Father J. Anthony Giambrone, O.P.
John Janaro
Father William M. Joensen
Heather King
Lisa Lickona
Father Joseph T. Lienhard, S.J.
Monsignor Gregory E. S. Malovetz
Father Guy Mansini, O.S.B.
Regis Martin
James Monti
Father Vincent Nagle, F.S.C.B.
Father Jacob Restrick, O.P.
Father George William Rutler
Rita A. Simmonds
Father James M. Sullivan, O.P.
Monsignor James Turro
Father Richard Veras
Paul C. Vitz
Stephen P. White

Editing Staff:
Publisher: Pierre-Marie Dumont
Editor-in-Chief: Father Peter John Cameron, O.P.
Senior Editor: Father Romanus Cessario, O.P. Managing
Editor: Catherine Kolpak
Editorial Assistant and Proofreader: Andrew Matt
Administrative Assistant: Nora Macagnone
Senior Managing Editor: Frédérique Chatain
Permissions: Diaga Seck-Rauch
Cover and Inset: Solange Bosdevesy
Iconography: Isabelle Mascaras
Translator: Janet Chevrier

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