Wednesday 5 December 2012

VMware View 5 Essentials - Train Signal - Brian Knudtson and Lane Leverett

VMware View 5 Essentials
Train Signal
Brian Knudtson
Lane Leverett

This training course is available to purchase in a few different formats - order the CDs, online or through a package from Train Signal. It has been a while since I have taken a course self-paced like this one. It was a great course, well-paced and with all the information you need to get your View installation up and running. I worked through the videos twice and then went on and installed out VMWare View Instance at work in under two weeks. It had everything needed and gave all the skills to complete the work project with a short deadline.

There are almost 8 hours of training.  The lessons are:

1.    Getting Started with VMware View 5 Essentials Training
2.    Course Scenario
3.    Lab Setup
4.    View Components and Licensing
5.    Installing View 5
6.    Configuring Virtual Desktops
7.    Maintaining Desktop Pools
8.    User Profiles and Data
9.    Printing
10.    Creating ThinApp Packages
11.    ThinApp Deployment
12.    Monitoring View
13.    Troubleshooting View
14.    Upgrading to View 5
15.    Next Steps
Over the years I have done a number of these self-paced courses. In this one, the material is presented in an easily understandable way. Both presenters are engaging and easy to follow. Each present material in a way that, to be frank, is not boring nor does it drone on. It is one of the better courses I have done in this mode.

Not only does this course include all the material you need to learn the skills and be able to do the work, they provide a number of links to resources, online documentation, blogs and more to kick-start your search to go deeper into the world of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure. This course is definitely worth the cost! And it was fun, which is always a bonus.

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