Friday 14 December 2012

Oracle Data Integrator 11g Integration and Administration ED 2 - Oracle University - Brent Dayley

Oracle Data Integrator 11g Integration and Administration ED 2
Oracle University
Course D64974GC20
Instructor: Brent Dayley
Author: Richard Green
Virtual Classroom

This was the third course I have completed from Oracle University in the last few months. It was the first in the Live Virtual Classroom format. It was an interesting experience. The first page of the courseware for this course states the Course Objectives are:

After completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Describe the Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) 11g architecture and apply ODI Topology Concepts for data integration
  • Describe Oracle Data Integrator model concepts
  • Design ODI interfaces, procedures, and packages to perform data transformations
  • Explore, audit data, and enforce data quality with ODI
  • Administer ODI resources and set up security with ODI
  • Implement Changed Data Capture with ODI
  • Use ODI Web services and perform integration of ODI with Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)
Over the 5 days of the course you will cover 21 lessons with an accompanying lab for each lesson. When I did the course there were supposed to be 20 of us in the web course, and half of those were Oracle employees. The course covers a lot of material in a short time. The course is also very front heavy. The section on interfaces takes a lot of time and a few of the students really ran into issues. This caused us to end up well behind schedule and the last 2 days really felt rushed.

Pros:  Live instructor, group interaction, webex conference and virtual lab computer to do all the exercises. Cons:  The whole course can end up running behind because of one person. Almost all the labs are sequential and need to be completed before moving on to the next. If someone does not have them done the instructor needs to stop and get them caught up and this happened a number of times and pretty much every lab with the same person.

Overall a good course that delivers on what it sets out to do. If you need to use the ODI tool or just support, it will give you a good understanding of the utility and how to do what with it.

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