Saturday 21 May 2011

Children - Maggie Clark

Maggie Clark
Vagabondage Press
ISBN 9781452407845

This novella was dark, twisted and compelling. I have known the author for a few years but as a reporter and editor. I had no idea the depth of creativity and the overwhelming power in her words, once she turned to fiction. In part, the story was like driving by an accident - you cannot help but look. Once you start reading, you know something bad is coming and you might even figure it out, but the suspense you go through reading, and waiting and discovering the details as Clark reveals them to us, in little snippets as the story progresses, is intense.

The characters are amazing. I only hope we will see either more stories or a novel focused around the reporter and news woman, Chrissy. She has insight, determination and an unwillingness to play politics at the office. There is a lot to admire in this character even as she is piecing together the terrible truth.

The story will grab at the heart and gut of any parent, or really anyone who is close to young children, either in their family or friends. As you're reading, you cannot help but wonder about missing children, abduction and worse, and what if? The 'What Ifs' in this story are what get you. In 49 pages of text in the PDF version of the book, you are taken on a roller coaster ride of emotions.

Clark has written an amazing novella, or short story, that shows incredible skill and talent as a writer. I can only hope we get a lot more fiction to read from this budding Canadian author.

The book can be purchased in electron format either from Amazon or directly from Vagabond Press, and to be honest, for $1.99 you cannot go wrong.

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