Friday 27 May 2011

Can You See What I See? - Walter Wick

Can You See What I See?
Walter Wick

Cartwheel Books an imprint of


ISBN 9780439163910

This book contains 12 prints with pictures to explore, find hidden objects and puzzles to solve. This is also the first book in this series. The photos are amazing and the time and effort required to lay out the spread and capture the images, let alone the hint rhymes that guide you through finding the required items in the pictures - are impressive. Plus, after you have done the book over and over as children are want to do, you can find your own items and take turns calling out items to find and discover in the picture. The spreads in the book are:

String Game
In Bins
Card Tricks
Wood Shop
Domino Effect
Magic Mirror
Picture Blocks
Assembly Required
Bump, Bump, Bump!
Alphabet Maze
Spare Parts

Going back and reading this first book after encountering some of the others, show that Wick's genius was present from the beginning.

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