Monday 17 January 2011

Oink? - Margie Palatini and Henry Cole

Margie Palatini (Author)

Henry Cole (Illustrator)


ISBN 9780545036238

I have never encountered this author or the illustrator previously; it is a pity as we enjoyed this book immensely. This book is witty, fun and really funny. This is the story of Thomas and Joseph, two pigs. The other animals on the farm are not happy with them. They smell, eat swill and stink. The hens, the rabbit and the duck want to help them be happy. But things are not always as they appear. The story is great fun and the illustrations are full of small details children pick out.

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Thanks for the mention of OINK!
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Steven R. McEvoy said...

I already linked to both on your names at the top of the review, but thanks for the feedback.

Tracie L said...

We love this book. Margie Palatini and Henry Cole came to Norfolk Academy when I worked there. I purchased Oink? for my is also great that Thomas and Joseph (the bigs in the book) are my husbands first and middle name!