Thursday 13 January 2011

Cyborg - The McKissack's - Clone Codes Book 2

Cyborg: The Second Book Of The Clone Codes
Patricia C. McKissack, Fredrick L. McKissack and Joch McKissack


ISBN 9780439929851

Book one The Clone Codes, was an incredible story set in the future with a new kind of underground railroad for clones and cyborgs. It was amazing, and I could not wait for this one to come out. I was disappointed when I received my advanced copy. It seemed so thin. With only 107 pages of text from preface to end of text, and 144 pages with the endnotes, I was not expecting much. I was very pleasantly surprised.

Set in a future when clones are basically slave labor, and cyborgs, humans who have replaced 3/5th of their parts with synthetics and have lost most of their rights also, are implanted with chips and tracked.

The Cyborg Act of 2130
For the security and general welfare of the cyborg race, these protections have been established on this the 7th day of October, 2130.

The Cyborg Codes
  • All cyborgs must be registered with the Bureau of Cyborg Affairs (BCA).
  • Those that are cyborgs must live within designated areas set aside on the Moon Colony. If a cyborg desires to live or work elsewhere, it must acquire BCA permission.
  • It is mandated that cyborgs may not serve as officers in the World Federation of Nations' defence forces or serve in any national law enforcement agencies.
  • Cyborg children must attend one of four cyborg academies based on test scores and abilities.
  • All cyborgs over the age of 16 must be employed.
  • Cyborgs need permission from the BCA to marry or have children.
  • The BCA will provide cyborgs with medical insurance and health-care needs.
  • Cyborgs cannot inherit real property.
  • Cyborgs can only participate in amateur or professional sports within the Cyborg Leagues."
This story continues almost immediately after book 1 finishes. Leanna, a clone raised as a normal child, Carlos, a boy genius, RUBy, a super and Houston Ye a young cyborg, are still in the thick of it. The new Chancellor of the WFN, Taylor Graham, has passed the Wholer Act, declaring any human with as many as 1 synthetic part is now considered a Cyborg and subject to the Cyborg Act.

The Aliens called the O. have appeared to Taylor Graham and told him they will prevent humans from exploring beyond the solar system as we are not prepared. Leanna must gather the different groups in the Liberty Bell movement, and the Cyborgs, and fashion a cohesive movement to resist this new law. But things are not as they appear, and some friends might not actually be allies.

The story is just really getting interesting when it ends, and we must wait another year for book three to conclude the trilogy. This is a great second instalment in a series, but with the size, I would have preferred one large novel, or even combine books 2 and 3 if they are only going to be a novelette of about 100 pages.

The Clone Codes Trilogy
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Confessions of a Cyborg - Book 2
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