Monday 11 October 2010

Mommy Takes Away - Sharlene Weingart

Mommy Takes Away
Sharlene Weingart
ISBN 9781450057813

This book was very fun to read to my daughter. At first we thought it would be about all the stuff mommy takes away as punishment, but it is also about the good stuff mommy takes away. It is fun and playful. Each page has text on one side and on the facing page a bright vibrant illustration. Each page looks like it could be from a quilt or scrapbook, with a stitch-like frame around the edge. The illustrations are wonderful and the story fun. My wife, who is not much of a reader, really liked it. Sharlene is a school teacher in Dawson Creek BC, Canada. Her years of teaching in the classroom must have helped her write such a wonderful book for young readers.

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