Sunday 10 October 2010

Daddy Sneaks - Sharlene Weingart

Daddy Sneaks
Sharlene Weingart

ISBN 9781453520253

This is the second book by Sharlene we have read as a family. The first Mommy Takes Away, was wonderful, and we enjoyed it immensely. This one is illustrated in a very different style. Each two-page spread has one page in full color and a facing page done in color but with an opaque overlay in a color to compliment the facing page. The style is very attractive and my children like looking at the opaque pages and hunting for details in the picture under the color. Each page has text and tells the story of a Father preparing to take his children camping. The story takes readers into the heart of nature, and the heart of children yearning for relationship with their father. It is a wonderful book; I am sure we will read again and again. Sharlene is a school teacher, whose years in the classroom have helped her to write such wonderful books for young readers. She hales from Dawson Creek BC, Canada. As a family we look forward to reading future offerings from her.

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