Monday 12 April 2010

This Totally Bites - Poison Apple Book 2 - Ruth Ames

This Totally Bites
Ruth Ames
Poison Apple Book 2

An Imprint of Scholastic

ISBN 9780545208789

In this great new series from Scholastic Press, Scholastic Goes Goth. It is shaping up to be a dark off-shoot of their popular Candy Apple Books. This new series, Poison Apple Books, starts with 2 out this spring, one in August and another in the fall and it looks amazing. These books explore such things as ghosts, vampires, haunting and other darker tales. Unlike most fluffy books for young girls these tales have a little more grit but still have some humour and really fun reads.

Emma-Rose Paley is a twelve year old with a love and fascination with all things dark, from her black and purple wardrobe, to her black shag rug in her room, with pink skull-and-crossbones wallpaper. She is not quite what you expect from a middle grade student. Her mother would prefer if she wore pastels and acted a little more girly, but what can you do with a stubborn girl? Then her great aunt Margo arrives from Transylvania - tall, dark, ageless and cold to the touch. Emma discovers her family comes from Transylvania, and her great aunt looks ageless. She also looks just like Emma-Rose with dark hair, blue eyes and sharp incisors. Emma now thinks that she has uncovered the reason she is so different; she just might be a vampire, just like her great aunt. Soon she hopes so, for she is finding an inner strength from seeing herself as a vampire. She stands up to the class president, plans the school dance, and believes she has been invited to a ritual to turn her from a fledgling into a full fledged vampire. Her best friend Gabby thinks that she is crazy and this causes a rift between them that seems irreparable. While at the library, she meets Henry Greene, a guy from school she likes and who, it appears, is into folklore and legends, and he thinks that she just may have something. This second book out is in a new Scholastic imprint, Poison Apple Books. It is cool, hip, and fills a niche for those attracted to something a little darker at a younger age.

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Breaking Up (2007 - with Christine Norrie )

As Ruth Ames:
This Totally Bites - Poison Apple Book 2 (2009)
At First Bite - Poison Apple Book 8 (2011)

Author Profile Interview with Aimee Friedman


Anonymous said...

i love this book i read 10000s like it but this one practicle grabed me and draged me in to it!

Anonymous said...

i love the book so much!

Anonymous said...

i love the book so far ... i havent gotten 2 finish it though.

Anonymous said...

I love the book too It is awesome.

Mila Wijaya said...

my daughter has to read a mistery book for her book report. She is thinking of reading this book. My question is, Is this book falls in Mistery category???please let me know....thanks.

Steven R. McEvoy said...

Not really but the other 3 in the series would especially Now You See Me.