Tuesday 27 April 2010

Crazy Circus World - Jayce O'Neal and Kate Dwiggins

Crazy Circus World
Jayce O'Neal (Author)

Kate Dwiggins (Illustrator)

Essence Publishing
ISBN 9781554523726

This was a great book to read and fun for my kids and myself. It reads like a cross between Dr. Seuss, Fancy Nancy and Tim Burton. The drawings are mindful of Burton's work or maybe M.C. Escher. The poetic story is of a young boy who is bored and wants more from life than TV and so he creates a magical circus world in his mind, and decides to bring some of the light, fun and adventure to those in his family and the world around him. Wonderfully written and excellently illustrated, it is sure to enthral children of all ages. It will be fun to read again and again.

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