Friday 4 September 2009

Dandelion Fire - Book 2 of the 100 Cupboards by N.D. Wilson

Dandelion Fire
Book 2 of the 100 Cupboards

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Random House
ISBN 9780375838835

In book 1, 100 Cupboards, N.D. Wilson wove a fascinating story about a boy named Henry, visiting family in Henry Kansas. And if The Wizard of Oz has taught us anything it's that things that start in Kansas can get very strange. Continuing right from the previous book, the story picks up the pace and races on.

Henry must find out what he is really made of. After being touched by the magic life of a Dandelion, things for Henry change even more than he ever expected. He travels back and forth between Kansas, an unknown land, and some of the worlds from the cupboards. He meets fairies, wizards, friends and foes along the way. He travels to the central fairy mound, and even finds out who he really is.
There are battles and adventures galore in this book. The story follows Henry, his cousin and her family, as all three are separately making their way to the same location for a climactic battle between good and evil. Wizards turn against wizards, fairies revolt against the general counsel, and brothers thought long lost return to stand and fight shoulder to shoulder.

This story is full of magic, myths, mysteries and mayhem. It is a grand adventure across worlds and spanning generations. It is a story incredibly well written and masterfully told. The pacing is excellent, the characters real and believable. N.D. Wilson is on his way to becoming a master story teller. One day his name may be ranked with Lewis, Tolkien, Kipling and others.

(First Published in Imprint 2009-09-04.)

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