Tuesday 1 September 2009

The Curtain Went Up, and My Pants Fell Down - Hank Zipzer Book 10 by Henry Winkler and Lin Oliver

The Curtain Went Up, and My Pants Fell Down
Hank Zipzer Book 11
Henry Winkler and Lin Oliver
Penguin Canada
ISBN 9780448442679

This is a great series, it does an amazing job of capturing the experience of living and growing up with learning disabilities. Henry Winkler admits that he himself has a form of dyslexia. However this is the second book with a glaring continuity error, and it is beginning to bother me. In Book 10 My Dog's a Scaredy-Cat: A Halloween Tail it states that Hank never got above C's he says that his "grades have only ever traveled to C-ville and parts south". In this book on p.3 Hank states that "A C-Minus was a step up for me. I usually live in D-Ville." Yet in book 8 Summer School? What Genius Thought That Up? He got an A+ on his oral presentation. There is also a second incident in this book whwre he states he never
got A's. The continuity error being missed a second time by editors and proof readers is disappointing. However setting that aside this is another wonderful adventure for Hank and his friends at PS 87(Public School 87).

In this story Hank wants' to try out for the role of the King of Siam, in the school's adaptation of the play Anna and the King, but he has just flunked a math test and started peer tutoring. His father only allows him to try out for the play if he agrees he will get a B+ on his next math test. If he does not achieve this mark and has got a spot in the play, he will have to drop out. As we can tell from the title it sounds like he made it but how many trials does he have to overcome to make it. Follow Hank as he get's to know Heather Payne as both a peer tutor and friend, and maybe Hank can teach Heather a thing or two, read and find out.

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