Thursday 14 August 2008

Memorial Service - An Assignment

(On one of the exams for a course we had to write a description for turning a profane place into a sacred place. I chose to write a memorial notice for my memorial service. The teacher loved it and asked to share it with the whole class, and yes the humour was intended.)

Transforming Space into Place: Creating a Memorial Site

It is wi
th great regret that we are herby informing you that Steven R. McEvoy, honors distinction student at the University of Waterloo, Renison College has passed away. There will be a memorial service at the Chapel of St. Bede, and the great hall at Renison College from April 1st-3rd 2005. As per Steven's last will and testament, there will be a traditional Irish wake for Steven at the campus.

Steven's body will be on display for visitors in the Chapel, he will be upright with a pint of Guinness in one hand and a Cuban cigar in the other. Live Gaelic bands will be playing in the afternoon and evenings, and prayer vigils will take place each evening.

Temporary spiral staircases will be installed at either end of the gallery for easy access back and forth between the chapel and great hall. The Flags in the great hall will be replaced with an Irish Flag, a Scotish Flag, a Canadian flag, the Christian Flag, and 3 Pirate flags.

The Tables will be places in squares around the room. Refreshments will be served at all hours. Live shamrocks both red and green will be the centerpieces at each table, surrounding celtic crosses.

The family would enjoy your dropping by to pay your respects, come hang out, tell stories and celebrate the life that was Steven R. McEvoy.

(First written for RS272 Sacred Places Winter 2005 - In class test #2.)

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