Sunday 24 August 2008

Installing Linux On A Dead Badger by: Lucy A. Snyder

Installing Linux On A Dead Badger:
And Other Oddities

Lucy A. Snyder
Creative Guy Publishing
ISBN 1894953479

I picked up this book because Jason Eckert recommended it on his blog. His strong recommendation of it made it a must have. It did not disappoint. Snyder is hilarious. Her use of characters and creatures from myths and legends, to re-depict IT situations by superimposing these beings from a supernatural realm onto real-life computer industry events, describes them in a new light, with tremendous insight and humour. The twelve articles collected here are fun for any Geek on your gift list.

The wit and wisdom displayed in this book are exceptional, with everything from step by step instructions on how to install Linux on a dead badger, to using your dead badger to fight zombies. This book has it all, from stories about IT helpdesks starting to staff with zombies to cut down on cost, to using vampires as supervisors to keep the zombies under control and working, to management having no brains to begin with so the zombies have no interest in eating them anyway.

Pick this book up for yourself, for your geek friends or anyone in IT or computer science; they will ROTFL while reading it.

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