Sunday 28 October 2007

Playing with Multi-OS's

I took a friends (Keith Little) advice about playing with more Unix/Linux deployments. Last week I installed Ubuntu7, Fedora7, and SUSE Desktop on both my home and school computers. Tomorrow at school SUSE Server, and Fedora Core6, then both of them at home next week. I like the 'tour' utility in the SUSE one. All 3 work well in VMWare on my Vista machine at home and on XP at School.

I also have 2003 Server, 2K Server, 2K, XP Corporate, WInME, 98, 95, 3.11 Dam Small Linus and Dos 6 all running under Virtual PC. See this earlier note
Unleashing the Inner Geek about why I am playing with so many OS's.

The fun part about using VMWare and Virtual PC is that you do not have to reboot to switch which operating system you are working in, and with 4Gigs ram, and a terabyte of hard drive space, there is lots of room for 8-16Gig Virtual Hard drives.

I will admit to Tim A. That Mac OSX is not as bad as I thought. I doubt I will ever become converted, but I am getting better at using it, and am looking for an ISO of the OSX Server to play with also.

Alan, a friend has been a long time Linux\Unix user longer than I have know him. I'd be surprised if he doesn't release his own version some day. And Tim F writes a fair bit on his blog about Ubuntu so when I was offered a live disk of it today I grabbed it. And Davenport is just as geeky as me, if not more so so I will tag him in this not also, and see what he has to say about my new found inner geek. (Really just reemerging from the days back at Queen's. Running multiple versions of AutoCad, compressed so they would fit on a 20meg HD and not conflict and using a stacker card and software to double the hard drive size.)

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