Monday 8 October 2007

Catholic Carnival 140 - Happy Canadian Thanksgiving

Happy Thanks Giving. This is my third time hosting the carnival and I had such big plans for it. Unfortunately school, and life have taken their toll in the past few weeks (my wife's best friend passed away, and we scanned the pictures and made the powerpoint presentations for the the funeral home and service. School is taking upwards of 6 hours a day work outside the 4 hours a day in class and 2 hours a day labtime.) Mea Culpa Mea Culpa Mea Maxima Culpa, so this weeks Carnival will be short and sweet with not much commentary.

Christine the Soccer Mom at Domestic Vocation has a post called 'Homeschooling, Pudding, and Apologetics' she states about it: in this post, I discuss homeschooling apologetics and apologetics for the Faith and how they are related.

Kevin at HMS Blog writes a reflection on the Mass readings for Sunday 10/7, focusing on their application to the pro-life cause. In his post 'FAITH, LOVE, AND HUMAN LIFE'.

er at Deep Furrows we have a post 'What is Catholic sensibility?' Fred states Catholic sensibility is not conceptual but sensible.

Heidi at Streams of Mercy writes about a convert reflects on the hymn "Amazing Grace" ... and why Catholics can sing this "Protestant" hymn with gusto! (Well, with as much gusto as Catholics muster when they sing in public...) :-) In her post 'Amazing Grace" ... Is It Really?'

In the post 'Make a Gingerbread House! An Advent Tradition' Heidi at Mommy Monsters Inc. writes about a fun Advent family activity (especially appropriate for St. Nicholas' feast day!

Next in CatholicLand! SWP reflects on his vigil with the 40 Days for Life. in 'Thirst for Righteousness'.

Then onto a visit at Catholic Fire with a post 'BOOK
REVIEW: THE HARRY POTTER ALTERNATIVE' My review of FIDELIS' - the first book in a series of seven, written by A.R. Horvath. Similar in nature to the writings of C.S. Lewis and JRR Tolkein, Fidelis bears a Christian theme, includes Scripture passages, and is rich in Christian symbolism. It is a fictitious fantasy and, in many ways, it reminds me of Lord of the Rings.

In a call to 'Help Get Bella into Theaters' Musings from a Catholic Bookstore puts out a call for some grass roots action.

"The Right Way to Die" from the blog just another day of Catholic
pondering writes that after a recent family funeral, Sarah finds herself reflecting on death, and in the process shares the anecdote of Grandma Georgia's peaceful dying.

At Play the Dad? No, be the Dad! we have a post 'Call me "The Great White Hunter"!' Matthew states about this post that it is something a little different this experiment.

We Belong to the Lord has a post 'Golden Compass Points the Way
to Hell'!

'The Far Green Country' is a post over at Ho Kai Paulos. Using some of Tolkien's words from the end of The Lord of the Rings, I talk about two perspectives on death - that of the person moving on and that of those left behind. We forget, so easily, that the journey doesn't end just because we lose sight of someone ahead of us.

Next at The Robinson Go Blog we have 'Reflections on Jeremiah' The Word of God still answers the questions of today.

Jay at Living Catholicism in a post 'How St. Therese' Family Helped Shape Her Unique Spirituality of "The Little Way"!' Explores the role of the family in developing a child's spirituality by looking at the story of St. Therese, the Little Flower.

Jay also has a submission for the Catholic Carnival from Deo Omnis Gloria called 'Ask Your Guardian Angel to Help You Against the Fallen Angels'. We all have a Guardian Angel for a reason! And they can help us defend ourselves from the attacks that demons (who are real) fire against us. Just some thoughts on how our Guardian Angels can help.

Then over at A Catholic Mom climbing the Pillars our final entry is 'The Nightmare of Television.....when is enough, enough'.

A late entry from A Third Way has an entry 'Have you called your Mother today?' Melissa shares her Rosary story and why you may want to find your beads and give Our Lady a call.

Finally while preparing this post I have been
reflection on thanksgiving. I have so much to be thankful for, a bueatiful wife, a lovely 1 year old daughter, a son due in January. While preparing this book I have rewatched the film Molokai and I wrote a review of it a while ago. It is an amazing film about the life and death of Father Damien the Leper. It will inspire and challange. 'Molokai: The Story of Father Damien.'

So with that I bid you all a blessed and happy 'Canadian' thanksgiving!

(Most of the photo's are from my collection of church photographs. I tried posting the Carnival a half hour early and have had 5 items to add. That Will teach me for being a keener.)

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