Sunday 14 October 2007

MOS Microsoft Office Specialist

Recently I had the opportunity to write my MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist) certification exams. In preparing for them I used a number of different text books by different publishers. I wrote my certification exams for Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, and Outlook. The three publishers I used for the course work were, Microsoft Press which produces the official MOAC (Microsoft Official Academic Course's), The Illustrated Series by Thompson Learning, and CCI Learning Solutions Inc. Each had strengths and each had weaknesses. All three publishers produced approved books to write the certification exams. My favorite was the Illustrated Series it's features and tools made it easiest to study at my own pace and quickly work through the programs. I took the programs at two different college, triOS College and Laurel College, again there were strengths and weaknesses to both schools methods. Over the next few weeks I plan on reviewing some of my books used, and highlighting both their strengths and weaknesses in each system of training. The books I am going to review are as follows:
  1. Microsoft Office Word 2002 - Illustrated Series Introductory - Jennifer A. Duffy
  2. Microsoft Excel 2002 - Illustrated Series Introductory - Reding & Wermers
  3. Microsoft Access 2002 - Illustrated Series Introductory - Lisa Friedrichsen
  4. Microsoft PowerPoint 2002 - Illustrated Series Introductory - David W. Beskeen
  5. Microsoft Outlook 2002 - CCI Learning Solutions
  6. Microsoft Office System 2003 Edition - Microsoft Official Academic Course
These may be a little drier than my reviews of fiction, Christian or specifically Catholic books. But this is what I am spending most of my time currently reading and working on in school. You can read more about my geek training in this post 'Unleashing the Inner Geek'!

(Note: some of you may be familiar with the MOUS Microsoft Office User Specialist it has been replaced with the MOS as of February 2007.)

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