Friday 2 February 2007

Waking the Dead: Guidebook by: John Eldredge

Waking the Dead: Guidebook
John Eldredge
Thomas Nelson
ISBN 0785263098

This book is co-written with Craig McConnell. It is a good book that will help you take Waking the Dead to a whole new level. It follows the book chapter by chapter and is in a nice easy format to use. Each chapter begins and ends with a check on 'Where is your heart now?' Kind of checking in on where you are. When I worked through this with my buddy Pastor Bob, this was our check in where we were. While working through this, we both went through hard times; I lost a job I loved and his wife was let go and spent a long time off of work, right after they bought a new house. This book helped us process those events and many others in our presents and our pasts.

This workbook has fewer subsections than the Wild At Heart Field Manual, The areas
are the:

  • Heart Monitor
  • A First Reaction
  • The Big Ideas
It used pillows/clouds for Big Ideas to outline where the chapter will go and then has sections for each. To Clarify goes deeper than the book on specific points or outlines them in a deeper level.

As a workbook there is lots of space for answers, even going back and writing answers again and again, each time you work through it. Bob liked a n
ew feature and I did not, for some of the tougher questions have examples from members of the Ransomed Heart team. Bob liked those because they gave you more food-for-thought when you were unsure how to answer. I found them annoying because I often took the question a different direction they did, and if I read them first, it often limited how I perceived the questions.

Overall this book is an excellent resource for working with the book Waking the Dead and for growing into a deeper understanding of your life in Christ.

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