Monday 19 February 2007

Lent Preparation 2007

As I prepare for lent to begin next week I am reflection back on the last year. Though there were many setbacks physically with my injury, over all it was a very great year. We were blessed with a healthy baby girl. I read over 200 books and reviewed a good number of them. I published in a few new publications. And other than my shoulder I am in excellent health for someone in their mid 30's.

Last year at the beginning of lent I wrote an article about Lenten Readings and during lent I wrote two articles on the devotion of the Way of the Cross or the Stations of the Cross here Way of the cross Part 1 and here Way of the Cross Part 2 I am also making a silent retreat this year during lent and am looking forward to the time away for reflection, meditation and reading.
My reading plan for this lent in no particular order is:

Time for God:
A Guide to Prayer

Jacques Philippe

Pauline Books & Media
ISBN 0819874132

Mary's Way of the Cross:
Walking with the Mother of Jesus

Irma Pfeifer

Translated M. Jean Frisk
Pauline Book & Media
ISBN 0819848387

In the School of the Holy Spirit
Jacques Philippe

ISBN 9781594170539

A Way of the Cross for Mother

J. Katherine Reilly

Paulist Press
ISBN 9780809152230
Interior Freedom
Jacques Philippe

ISBN 9781594170522

Journey To Easter
Spiritual Reflections for the Lenten Season

Pope Benedict XVI

ISBN 0824523822

I will also be using the different 'Way's of the Cross' that I used last year. One of the reasons I use so many versions of the Way of the Cross is that I find as I read books over and over that they become too familiar and I loose focus, by switching it up I keep the devotion and focus more clearly.

If you know of any other good versions of this devotion post a comment here I would like to know what tools you use to help in your journey to Easter.

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