Monday 12 February 2007

Surprised at Nominations

Well, I can only say I am completely surprised by my nomination for a CBA (Catholic Blog Award) For one my two blogs are nearly mirrors of each other. Everything on McEvoy's Musings (MM) also appears on Book Reviews and More (BRAM), BRAM just has more content as it has my general fictions, news articles, features stories and more). Yes I was asked by some readers to separate them out, as they were only interested in the Catholic and Christian content. So I obliged last year and created what I considered a sub-blog(being that it was only part of the content of the parent blog, and I chose to keep it im
age free, I put all cover art with reviews on BRAM.) Yet here I am nominated in 5 Catagories for MM and 2 for BRAM and one of them overlaps.

Book Reviews and More
Smartest Catholic Blog | Best Written Catholic Blog

McEvoy's Musings
Most Spiritual Blog | Best Written Catholic Blog | Best New Catholic Blog | Best Individual Catholic Blog

I really do not think I qualify in some of the categories, but I appreciate the reader's vote of confidence. So all I can say is a Big Thank You!

I went and voted today and I encourage you to do so also. (One of the best things about voting is you are exposed to some many great blogs, many of them I had not come across before.)

(This post is in part a follow up to this post.)

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