Saturday 11 November 2006

Jacob's Ladder by: Noah benShea

Jacob's Ladder:
Wisdom for the Heart's Ascent
Noah benShea
ISBN 0345404386

This is a great final novel in the Jacob the Baker trilogy. Preceded by Jacob the Baker and Jacob's Journey, Jacob is back in his hometown. Jacob has received an unexpected gift and responsibility. Ezra, from the council of sages, has sent his
orphaned grandson, Johan, to learn wisdom from Jacob.

This is a new phase of life for Jacob, who was always content in the silences of his single life. Now there are the noises and disturbances of a young boy. Yet the boy does not come alone. The local schoolteacher comes to visit Jacob, and wants Jonah to go to school. Thus Ruth becomes friend to both Jacob and Jonah.

This is a great book in the tradition of the Jewish sages. Mr. benShea writes with a skill, power and conviction that will touch your heart.
Jacob the Baker, Jacob's Journey and Jacob's Ladder.Author Profile interview with Noah benShea.

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Author Profile interview with Noah benShea.

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